The Cafe at Perot Museum | Dallas, Texas

Go for the extraordinary museums – 5 stories, 11 exhibits, and a kids museum, plus an awesome body animal exhibit until February, and find yourself blown away! On top of that, hit up the cafe for some absolutely fantastic food. Burgers, fries, and all the goodies to go along with it, everyone was in love with their meals. The only downside was that there were no drink refills. Bummer, but we got over it. The burgers were reasonably priced, too! At just $6 you would never know that the cafe is run by Wolfgang Puck and the meals are actually prepared by real chefs. But they are, and the taste says it all!

The Grape Restaurant | Dallas, Texas

Looking for a unique place to dine? Check out The Grape restaurant on Greenville Ave. in Dallas. We were able to bring the entire crew for brunch and were happily surprised at their delicious banana nut muffins as they sat us!

We gathered around in their fairly laid back establishment in the back area, near where they keep their wine stashed. The staff was pleasant and was quick to get us started, which was great! We all ordered our drinks, water, orange juice, pineapple juice, grapefruit juice and a sprite. So far, so good! From there we ordered Fried Polenta Cheese Fritters, which were quite delicious! We all enjoyed them, but beware, they do have a little spice to them! (Which I loved!)

Melissa got herself the “Standard Breakfast,” which as you might guess, was pretty standard with eggs, bacon, hash and toast! She thoroughly enjoyed everything on her plate.

Dizzy got the Biscuits and Gravy, which she enjoyed so much she barely spoke at all due to shoving the food into her mouth. Mmm, they must be good! (I will be trying it next time I go, I think!)

Ace got the “Classic Cheeseburger,” which has been named the “Best Burger in Texas” by Tx Monthly. He enjoyed the burger, but, apparently did not agree with TX Monthly’s assessment. Still, though, he enjoyed the meal. He LOVED the fries, though! He could barely stop eating them to eat the burger. Honestly, I kind of think his burger wasn’t as good because he was eating his fries for so long that the burger probably started to get a little cold.:)

I got the steak and eggs, which in general, would be one of the last things I would order. In fact, it was like Ace and I reversed roles. I am normally the burger guy and he’s the steak guy, but not today! I thoroughly enjoyed my entire meal. From the steak, to the eggs on top of my steak, the hash and the toast. I also got a side of bacon. I had to give it a try! It was all done exactly how I wanted and you could tell the food was fresh.

And, of course, Little man got the Blueberry Cornmeal Griddle Cakes. He said he liked it a lot, but knowing him and how he eats when he really LOVES something, I would say that he only liked them a little. But, still, he ate them, so who can complain?:)

The price was reasonable, and everything went pretty well. Also, they have free valet parking for patrons of The Grape Restaurant, which is important! Use it if you go! I didn’t and ended up having to walk about four or five blocks just to get to the restaurant. Oops! Also recommended: Get a reservation. It is helpful.:)

Definitely check it out, it was one of our better outings in the last few months.

Week to Week

On most weeks the crew and I find ourselves trying out new places, but from time to time our schedules just don’t line up and we can’t make it happen. Don’t worry though, that doesn’t mean we have forgotten about this awesome blog, it just means that our lives went different directions this week! There are still so many places to explore and dine, we’ll be posting on Tasting DFW for years to come. So, don’t you worry about that!

We’ve got some great places that we are planning on hitting up soon, so check back often for new updates on all of your favorite places across DFW!

Bread Winners Cafe | Dallas, Texas

Prepare your taste buds for a delightfully good time. Bread Winners Cafe was a great place to go. The staff was pleasant and we had the choice to eat inside or out, and it is dog friendly too! We chose to sit outside and enjoy the cooler weather.

I ordered the banana bread french toast (big surprise, I got french toast!) and was glad I did. It was delicious at every bite, along with the bacon I got for a side. When I saw how good everyone’s potatoes looked, I had to, of course, get myself a side of those too. It was all delicious!

Ace got himself the chicken fried steak and he actually ate it all happily this time. That’s always a good sign! He left happy, which, after the last few places, was a nice change. Hah.:)Little Man got the eggs Benedict, and he ate the whole thing. Since he wants to be a chef, he has now begun to order adult options for food and no longer gets his meals from the kids menu. So far he seems to like the adult food a lot more anyway, so it might be a good change for sure!

Whiskey Cake | Plano, Texas


The crew took me out for a birthday brunch and we decided on trying “Whiskey Cake.” We knew that it would be a little different and the reviews for it were high, so we figured, why not, right? The staff was friendly, but a little slow at taking our order. Well, I guess I should be fair, they were fairly prompt at first, we told them we needed some more time and then it took them forever to return. Like, 20 minutes.

The menu was for brunch, which has a lot less options than their other menus, but they still had enough options for us each to get something different. Little Man actually got an adults portion meal this time around. He decided to get the chicken and waffles, which he loved. Not only did he say it was good, he ate all of it. Yes, he’s 5 and ate an entire adult sized meal. Proof enough that he liked it? I’d say so! Along with his chicken and waffles, we got some appetizers to get us started. The devil’s eggs and fried green tomatoes were both good. The eggs were a little tart, but I still enjoyed them.

Ace was once again annoyed with the waitress (this seems to becoming a trend!) He ordered the Chicken and Cheese, which was smothered in pesto, and unfortunately, Ace doesn’t like pesto. Therefore, he didn’t like his food. With that said, everyone else did!

Melissa got herself the Farmer’s Breakfast. It included eggs and all the essential breakfast food. She ordered a sausage patty on the side, which ended up being the size of a pork chop; a little much for her liking. She said it tasted very porky. She also placed an order for some Parmesan fries. What’s that, you wonder? Well, it’s just fries with Parmesan cheese, of course! They were decent enough, though maybe not outstanding either.

Dizzy got the Jalapeno Vermont biscuits and gravy and a stack of pancakes with strawberries. She LOVED her biscuits. Said the pancakes were good, but were good like good pancakes, not anything special about them. I thought they looked good! In fact, they looked almost as good as my French Toast! Though they come normally with peaches on them apparently, I am not a very big fan of peaches, so I asked for them to have something else. The only thing the waitress mentioned was that she could probably get them with strawberries instead. So I said ok! They were really good too.

Atop the delicious french toast, smothered in some sweet cream and strawberries with just enough syrup, I got some Whiskey Cake. How can you not get something the place is named after!? I have never had whiskey cake before, so it was a new flavor for me. It was pretty good, but I still prefer chocolate.:)

All in all the style of the restaurant is very laid back, casual and fun. It is definitely unique, the food was different, and most of us liked our food enough to want to come back and check out the dinner menu! I would recommend this place if you haven’t been and are looking for a new twist on some everyday food. The price wasn’t too bad either!